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St. Joseph Novena Day 4

“Now, not with lust,

but with fidelity I take this kinswoman as my wife.
Send down your mercy on me and on her,
and grant that we may grow old together.”
Tobit 8:7

St. Joseph you were able to love Mary the way she needed to be loved. You didn’t have to be an old man or an emotionally detached holy figure or an Angel to do this. You and Mary were destined for each other, a couple brought together by God. You had problems and I bet you even disagreed at times but there was love and a universe only you two shared. I like to think of you holding her close, sheltering her and Jesus. She could tell you anything. You were her safe place and she was yours. I bet you couldn’t wait to get your work done so you could be with her and she looked forward to your evenings together. I bet she smiled when she was cooking something she knew you would like and you made a big deal out of your meal to make her even more happy. Help us to be as free of heart as you were in your love for Mary and Jesus. Free to love, free to give, free to smile at little things people do that are sweet because we always notice them. God is so good and I am so glad he gave us you to love us in your own unique way, St. Joseph.