St. Teresa of Jesus said the soul should be like a little Bethany where Jesus likes to come hang out. I want this to be a little Bethany, too. I like to talk about and dream about and think about and hangout with God. I like to pray and think and write, to sit and talk or just be. That’s what I’m going to do here. Come hang out with Jesus with me.

P.S. You may notice i also will sometimes write about other seemingly unrelated things. i am following the advice of a mentor and friend of mine, a writer, journalist and poet named Juan, who said, “Don’t just write about Catholic stuff. write about life. it’s the same thing.” So that’s what I’m doing.

I consecrate this blog, this little hang out, to the Heart of Mary,

our Mother, Sister and humble Queen. 

Saints Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, pray for us. 

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“Lord, I offer You the cell of my heart;
may it be Your little Bethany.
Come rest there; I love You so.”

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity