“O Lord, my heart is not proud, nor haughty my eyes… truly I have set my soul in peace, as a child has rest in its mother’s arms, even so my soul.”  see Psalm 131

The Birth of Mary (September 8) 

The dawn of our salvation has come, the first hint of blue in the dark of night, signaling the sunrise and the end of Satan’s reign over humanity. The girl who would open the door to a supernova of grace into this world, has quietly come into it without fanfare. It is a birth like any other.

The birth of a daughter was normally not considered as important as that of a son. So Mary’s birth would have been even more of a quietly celebrated event, most likely. Even though this baby girl was our future queen, in the world she was born into, she was just a girl, humble and ordinary, born in a small, Roman occupied country, into a life of hard work, few rights, and a constricted future. To the world of her day, as in the countries many girls are born into still, she would have been seen as of little value.

But in the eyes of God, she was the field in which he would one day hide our Treasure, the Pearl of Great Price himself. We should sell everything we have and buy that field that is Mary, in which we find Jesus!


Lowly Child Mary, offer to Jesus my  loving devotion to you, and may I live my Christian life in your wonderful and hidden light.

Bless, humble and gracious Child Mary, all my interactions with others, that I may see each person as valuable in God’s eyes. 

Cultivate in me a deep and gentle humility.

Inspire me also to always stand for social justice, especially for girls in this world.


Tell her happy birthday. Sing it to her. Do something special for a little girl in your life. Bring a flower to church. Smile. It’s our mother’s birthday, and she is the “cause of our joy.”


Come, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of the Child Mary, who became Thy well beloved spouse.